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Perceptive Bioscience is a global healthcare and life science company focused on generating value from the development and commercialisation of innovative technologies.
We have the expertise to acquire and develop start-up and later stage companies and have privileged access to outstanding academic science.

By providing operational and strategic direction to emerging and competitive companies, we are instrumental in addressing patient needs and creating value for shareholders.


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Thanks to our running release system, benefit from all updates (security and new features) in real time.


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Whether you start small or are already a large company, our solution adapts to your needs and grows with you.




Genprice Inc. Digital Transformation   

Genprice In in San Jose, CA is a distribution agency that was founded in 20011, by Lieven Gevaert. He always had a strong interest in Research and decided to create a company reflecting his speed and low pricing.

Gen Store ourchase Integration Explained    

FGn Store has been active in the workspace design and supply consulting business for over 22 years. Discover how we answered to the challenges of this company.

Improvement Study   

Our solution is suitable for lab data as well. We help management to optimize their time and Lab employee to be more efficient and more productive. Discover our study.

3,000+ Labs run Gneprice Inc. to grow their businesses.

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